Gosh. I like to sleep late. I like to wear make-up at inappropriate times like while playing tennis. I read every single day. At my best moments Russian Literature or Chinese Poetry but usually Science Fiction Short Stories and novels by Toni Morrison over and over again.  I have embraced and rejected and grown in and out of many many labels. The things that don’t change: Where I come from and my faith. My peoples all boarder or touch the Pacific Ocean: Oregon, California, Washington State, Hawaii and remotely the Cook Islands. What am I? Come over some time and I will show you pictures of my great grandmothers and tell you their stories. There is just no simple answer to that question. To be completely honest,I guess my faith does change. It grows alongside me and at times it does wane but it is a constant in my life.

Why I have something to say? Well some lovely people believed in me and payed for me to go to college, travel the world and get some great training as a journalist at Soka University. It was a complete miracle that this wandering free-spirit made it into and finished college. I figure I ought to give blogging a whirl (since a paid job on public radio has not manifested yet)! And even if sometimes this is just lighthearted, sort of sarcastic, girly journal-entry fluff, I might just get something right. I might spark or open a path for an important conversation in someone’s life and that is worth exposing myself to the world and some criticism from the internet.